Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Is that your poker face?

This may have been my most memorable Labor Day weekend ever. There were several factors that played into this. 1. It was the first one I had off since I started working in retail 6 years years ago. 2. Philip and I accompanied some friends to hang out with their friends in Detroit. 3. We saw LADY GAGA in concert!
The highlight of the weekend was Lady Gaga, but I'll get to her in a minute. The rest of the trip was awesome. It was so nice to get out of town with fun people and not be in charge of anything. We just rode along and did whatever was happening. It was almost like a mini vacation, relaxing and fun. By the way, when I say Detroit, I really mean one of the several suburbs around the city and I never knew which one I was in. Ever. We left for Detroit on Friday evening right after work. I didn't really know how long it would take to get there.. and it took longer than I thought... but I enjoyed every minute of being the passenger. We arrived late that night and hung out with good wine and chats.
On Saturday, we got up at a leisurely time, watched the most recent Project Runway on Tivo, then went to a local orchard to have apple donuts. These are not apple fritters as I assumed they might have been, but were in fact donuts with apples in them, which were even better that they sound. Our next stop was the local mall for last minute wardrobe ideas and lots of window shopping all over the place then off to a late lunch at Panera, where the cashier at the sight of six stylish yet casually dressed men, asked if we were from Canada. I'm taking that as a compliment. I do love those Canadians. After a quick stop at the "store" for champagne and red bull, we were off to the house to prep for the pre-party and get dressed.

We went with a group of 12 people total and decided to roll in style with this seemingly wonderful stretch limo, which turned out to be a bit of a letdown with a failing music system and not so helpful driver, but nonetheless was hip hip fun!

The view from inside. You know when you pass a limo on the highway and always stare and try to see who is inside? Well, you can't and it turns out that you look pretty stupid to the people on the inside. Note to self: do not stare at limo, unless it might be someone famous inside :)

Before the show started it looked pretty empty, but those holes filled up quickly as Gaga took the stage. Our group had a private suite where we had a private bathroom, sofas, tv, bar area and 12 seats right outside. The freedom of moving around and hanging with people added to the experience and made it amazing.

"Is that your Poker face?"
This pretty much sums up how happy everyone was all night long.

After the concert, we reloaded ourselves into the limo and headed to a local bar where we ruled the place. It was not packed when we arrived and our group was the hit of the hour, or at least we thought we were. The highlight there was when songs from Glee came on and the crowd went wild. We arrived home sometime later and hit the sack.

The next morning when we all crawled out of bed, or in my case the air mattress on the floor, packed up and headed to Cracker Barrel for brunch and then headed out of town. On the way home we swung by the outlet malls in Michigan City and then made a final stop at Hacienda for dinner to round off the weekend. So amazing!


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