Sunday, August 22, 2010


Philip and I , along with Franklin are in Indiana visiting Philip's parents for a few days. We are sitting outside on a lawn chair under an umbrella stairing at the intersection of a corn field and a soybean field spread out over acres of rich land. While I could never live in a place as rural as this, there is much to appreciate in the relaxation and quaintness that it offers. I always look forward to our short trips here full of food, family time, and so much relaxing. It is nice to get out of the urban oasis that Chicago is every once in a while and just be in a place where life is different.
Franklin doesn't know what to do with himself. He has a house full of carpet with space to run his crazy laps far bigger than back home and a yard with what seems to be unlimited grass to rub his head in and rollover. He has had that, not so attractive, crazy frenchie face for well over an hour at this point from overheating his poorly designed but adorable body. Ringo, the older and wiser resident yellow lab doesn't seem to appreciate Franklins antics and attempts to alarm him into "play mode". He just lays there waiting for some diversion of the attention and hopes for a dog rub.


philidendron said...

we should place bets as to when franks will completely pass out...he's been going non-stop for hours now

Ross said...

#1 I like that David just blogged!
#2 I like that you responded via the comment section!

megan R said...

what?! after so much silence and then this lovely little post with no preface... it's as though you've always been here.

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