Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I love Zoku

I first heard about Zoku at a work conference in Phoenix over the summer. I was immediately intrigued. It is a Popsicle maker that freezes juices right in front of your eyes in as little as 7 minutes. Every time I mentioned this to Philip he ridiculed it completely. Long story short, Philip saw a video on how to use it and wanted one. I got it for him for Christmas and it has been in use nearly every day since. We keep the unit in the freezer all the time and bring it out to make fresh Popsicles with an array of fruit juices and nectars. Today I decided to try to make a yogurt pop, so while shopping I saw a bottle of Blueberry Kefir, a smoothie drink, and snatched it up, rushed home and made my very first non fruit juice pop. It was delicious and froze super fast. Below is a photo of my Kefir pop and our trusty Zoku. If you are ever over, don't forget to ask to make your very own pop!


philidendron said...

i have to admit that I'm in love with the zoku. i just made a triple layer pop: pineapple/coconut, pear, peach. MMMM.

by the way, i think the picture of us with the tops of our heads cut off it slightly creepy. maybe a picture of franks would be better?

Tasara said...

I think I asked for a zoku on NYD...what happened? Maybe I got distracted by the hot chocolate....

Melisa said...

January....its been since January! Come on now!

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